We offer Operation & Maintenance agreements whereby we manage operations on behalf of the Customer, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance at all times. Our offered agreements are helping customers who want to optimize their operations and mitigate their risks in the long term.

An Operation & Maintenance agreement puts the responsibility of managing the power plant into our hands, making the Customer free from many day to day operational concerns to concentrate on his core business.

Efficiency and Availability together

A power plant owner signing an O&M agreement receives a guarantee of plant performance, efficiency and availability together with reliable estimates of future expenditure. ATOM POWER as an O&M operator has a proven track record and the Customer stands to benefit, in a long term perspective, by having a strong and reliable partner that stands by its promises.

Benefits of an Operation & Maintenance Contract

Optimum performance
Increased equipment availability and reliability
Longer life of equipment and components
Various levels of O&M Contracts
Services adapted to the Customer’s needs

Our Speciality

Effective preventive maintenance and condition monitoring

Focus is on ensuring the plant is maintained in the optimum condition

Effective preventive maintenance and condition monitoring not only assures reliable operations, but also a safer working environment. Our complete focus is on ensuring the plant is maintained in the optimum condition and delivers reliable power at all times.

Team of professionals

Our professionals are trained to perform rotating equipment repair, electric motors repair, generator stator repair, and ac and dc motors repair. As a company that provides rewinding and overhaul. We employs a team of professionals that can perform both mechanical repairs to pumps as well as dynamic balancing of rotors.

Monitor and maintain your equipment

Our professional team wants to work with you to develop a comprehensive maintenance program to make sure your system is running smoothly before issues arise. By taking advantage of our plant maintenance services and mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services, you can monitor and maintain your equipment, maximizing uptime and reliability.

Testing of motors

We also offer electrical testing of motors and generators as well as dynamic balancing of rotors.

Work With Best In The Industry

ATOM POWER PROJECTS has been successful in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment and is building on its more then 10-years old heritage and expertise.