ATOM POWER offers full capabilities for your rotor maintenance and end of life assessment.

Our one-stop-solution, Turbine-Generator Repair facility is fully equipped with overhead cranes, 100 ton lathe, and all support equipment for inspections and repairs. It also has an elevator system to perform a full gas turbine rotor and compressor unstack and stack.

Talented and Experienced team

Our talented and experienced team has full capabilities for blading, machining, re-bucketing and more. Our engineers strictly follow effective, time-tested principles that produce sound and superior repair solutions.

Skilled Engineers

MD&A provides turnkey stator repair services for water-cooled, hydrogen-cooled, and conventionally-cooled generators. We provide complete turnkey inner liquid-cooled stator rewinds on a short-cycle basis.

Our Speciality

Our client gain access to all the collective knowledge of our highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Long term maintenance

Our ability to provide new liquid-cooled bars, global clip replacements patented Two-Piece Clip and comprehensive testing has made us one of the fastest-growing turbine-generator engineering organizations.

Repair Facility

ATOM POWER's Turbine-Generator Repair Facility provides a complete array of proprietary distortion correction services to straighten bowed steam turbine rotors.

Rotor straightening services

Rotor straightening services include an engineering analysis of the root cause along with an initial assessment and recommendations based on experience and utilize computer modeling techniques.

Specialized Installation Support

We offer stress relieving heat treatment and conduct thermal straightening using either vertical or horizontal methods.

Work With Best In The Industry

ATOM POWER PROJECTS has been successful in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment and is building on its more then 10-years old heritage and expertise.