We are your reliable and knowledgeable partner providing cost-effective solutions for optimizing energy assets across all sectors. We have extensive experience as owner and operator and we are entirely independent of original equipment manufacturers, so we will always find the best solution for you.

You can rely on our expertise to help you save time, resources and with strategies that are OEM-independent and based upon actual plant condition and operational priority. We can help you to reduce your outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.


Our maintenance strategies reduce cost and risk Keep your plant operating at the optimum level. Our independent inspection and data give you a sound basis for quality decision making. We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.

Optimize Maintenance Strategy

Our maintenance and repair strategies are OEM-independent, based upon actual plant condition and operational priority, saving your time, resources and CAPEX. Partner with us to reduce your commercial complexity - our outage solutions bring together a broad range of in-house technical disciplines and commercial expertise.

Our Speciality

Solutions and strategies to improve returns for your asset

Repairs costs saved for plants

We gave an insight into the cause and damage and assessed components at risk. We confirmed suitability of spares and oversaw recommissioning. With our support, our client saved in repair costs and downtime.

Governance and compliance

Ensure robust processes that meet all legal and regulatory standards, and enable you to operate effectively and efficiently. We go beyond the consultant role working with your risk and compliance teams as an independent specialist and expert resource.

Our Ability To Work With Client

We are working with the client to ensure that risks are minimized at existing and future sites and avoid forced shutdowns and reduced efficiency caused by corrosion and boiler tube failures.

Our trusted advice

Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. Our experience as owner operator across a complete portfolio of generation and distribution assets means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.

Work With Best In The Industry

ATOM POWER PROJECTS has been successful in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment and is building on its more then 10-years old heritage and expertise.